We are DigiB

We are the digital hub of Brenntag – No.1 chemical distributor in the world. Empowered by bright and creative minds, we design and build state-of-the-art digital solutions for this global market leader.

Who we are

At DigiB we combine a cutting-edge startup environment with resources of a global company to make game-changing decisions and drive digital transformation in the chemical industry.

What we do

We enable digital transformation for the Brenntag organization and design tools that help our customers, employees, and suppliers to do their job in the best possible and efficient way.

Join us!

Want to create awesome tools with people from around the globe? Be part of a dedicated team and create digital innovation? Work in a startup environment? Come and join us!

Five reasons to join us

According to our colleagues, these are 5 reasons to join DigiB:

  • Work with people from around the globe
  • Get paid to create awesome tools
  • Be part of a dedicated team
  • Create meaningful digital innovation
  • Work in a startup environment
Our location

Where does the magic happen?

We are based in Europe’s biggest startup ecosystem: B. Amsterdam – an ideal location to connect with, learn from and get inspired by other startups.

“A backend developer is a mix between a crazy Dr. Frankenstein putting parts together, and Dr. House making sure we have healthy patients. That has been my job since I joined DigiB, supplying the frontend with the data nutrients it needs.
Beneath the beauty and functionality of the user interface, there is a whole living system where commands are pumped in and out of vital organs, information is fed, sorted, filtered and transformed to keep the application alive.”

Nuno FradeBackend Developer

“Together with my team, I explore undiscovered areas of the Brenntag universe. We travel to space. As pilot in command, I load the spaceship with the needed supplies. I decide the direction and substance of our mission goals.
With the team I make the spaceship fly using the most advanced technology. Returning to Mother earth with a new substance, I make people connect to the story, so it becomes the treasure of everyone. I bring them the moonshot. At DigiB we go for the moonshot. We launch, we learn. That’s why I work here.”

KirstenProduct Owner

“I analyse and solve complex business problems at the interface between management and technology using advanced analytics & visualisation, data mining and machine learning techniques. DigiB is an excellent environment to develop and train my analytical and problem-solving skills in an international corporation.”

JohannesData Analyst

Founded by Brenntag

In 1874 Philipp Mühsam started an egg wholesale business in Berlin that later became Brenntag. Having entered the chemical distribution business in 1912, Brenntag has successfully expanded to become the world market leader in full-line chemical distribution.

Brenntag is more than just a distributor, because it does not just bring chemicals from suppliers to producers. It creates unique formulations and innovative product concepts for millions of consumers globally. Brenntag chemicals are all around us, and even closer than you might think: in your tooth paste, dishwashing liquid and in your food!

Today, Brenntag is headquartered in Essen, Germany. It operates in 74 countries and employs more than 15.000 people. In 2017 Brenntag opened its digital hub DigiB in Amsterdam, the digital capital of Europe. To open a new age in its successful history – The Digital Transformation Age.