What we do

We create it. We launch it. We learn from it.

We work in a complex environment, challenge ourselves setting ambitious goals, constantly invent and re-examine our methods. We create it. We launch it. We learn from it. Together with Brenntag we shape the future of the chemical industry.

Launch & learn approach

We think and work agile. To deliver the best possible tools we develop MVPs and launch them for the target users ASAP. Then we employ users’ feedback for further development and ongoing improvement.

Together with Brenntag

At DigiB digital skills get strengthened by the long-term industry expertise. We gather Brenntag’s data and bring it back to the organisation in the form of valuable and user-friendly tools. And we work hand in hand with our Brenntag colleagues to ensure that users can make the most of these tool.

Our focus

At DigiB we have two main users we develop for: customers and employees of Brenntag. Hence, we focus on building and continuously enhancing:

  • The leading e-commerce, knowledge and self-service platform for the chemical industry
  • Internal tools that facilitate purchasing decisions and intercompany business within Brenntag